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Immediate dentures are an innovative type of denture, working to reduce your overall treatment time and offer you a seamless transition into life with a denture. An immediate denture is usually recommended when complete tooth extraction is necessary for your oral health, and the dentures are placed right after your tooth extraction to prevent you from being without teeth.

Before the tooth extraction process, our skilled dental dentist will take precise impressions of your existing teeth and gums. These impressions serve as the blueprint for crafting your immediate dentures, ensuring a snug and functional fit. The dentures are then expertly placed immediately after your teeth have been removed, allowing you to maintain a natural appearance and continue speaking and chewing without delay.

In most cases, it is not feasible to assess the fit of your denture before extracting teeth. Our dentist may need to make adjustments to your dentures post-extraction, considering factors like available space in your mouth and structural concerns. As your mouth heals following the extraction procedure, you might notice changes in the fit of your dentures, leading to further fine-tuning of your appliance to ensure the most comfortable and secure fit.

To ensure your successful transition to dentures, it is essential to follow our postoperative instructions diligently. Regular checkups and maintenance appointments are strongly recommended. These visits allow Dr. Shelly Mixson to monitor your healing progress and assess the fit and functionality of your dentures.

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