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General and family dentistry in Brookhaven, GA, encompasses a range of dental treatments designed to promote and sustain optimal oral health for a lifetime. Whether you bring your child for a routine dental checkup, require more intricate restorative procedures or are seeking care to maintain your smile as a senior, our family dentist and team are dedicated to tending to your family’s smiles. We are committed to delivering comprehensive general and family dentistry that caters to all your dental requirements, ensuring a healthy and radiant smile.

Our general dental services include:

Stay Healthy with General and Family Dentistry

We advocate for all our patients to visit Gentle Smiles Dental at least once every six months. During these routine appointments, we perform a thorough dental cleaning and examination to assess the state of your oral health. Depending on your unique dental needs, more frequent visits may be necessary. If you encounter any dental discomfort or tooth damage, or experience a dental emergency, we strongly advise you to reach out to us promptly to receive the top-tier dental care you deserve.

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We welcome you to call us today at 770-455-6602 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shelly Mixson and learn more about general and family dentistry in Brookhaven, Georgia. We are enthusiastic about taking care of you and your family’s dental health, ensuring bright and healthy smiles for years to come.

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