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Ultrasonic dental cleanings play a vital role in enhancing your dental care experience by ensuring a more efficient and comfortable procedure. As you consume food and beverages, a layer of plaque and food debris naturally accumulates on your teeth. If this plaque is not removed within 24 hours, it hardens into a stubborn substance known as dental calculus or tartar. The use of ultrasonic scalers allows our dentist and team to effectively and efficiently eliminate this tartar and help you maintain a healthier smile.

Unlike traditional scaling tools, the ultrasonic scaler offers several advantages. It is not only faster but also more comfortable. While you may feel slight vibrations during the procedure, rest assured that it is not an uncomfortable process and does not require any numbing anesthetic.

During your regular teeth cleanings and periodontal maintenance sessions, you will likely observe our skilled dentist or hygienist using the ultrasonic scaler. This tool is essential for ensuring your smile remains free from tooth decay and gum disease. It not only improves your experience at Gentle Smiles Dental but also simplifies the task for our hygienist.

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