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As time passes, your teeth, gums and mouth undergo changes that may lead to unique dental challenges in your senior years. These changes, combined with the natural wear and tear from decades of daily use, make it imperative to prioritize your oral health as a senior. Our dedicated dentist and team are here to help you maintain a vibrant smile and optimal oral health, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free life as you age.

When you visit Gentle Smiles Dental, our skilled dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your oral health. This examination includes a thorough assessment of your bite, joints, teeth, gums and soft tissues. For those who wear dentures, we will also inspect their condition and fit to ensure continued functionality and comfort.

Common dental issues seniors may encounter include dry mouth, tooth decay, damaged teeth and missing teeth. Dry mouth often results from infections, medications or tobacco use. Our dentist may recommend various strategies such as fluoride gels, dietary adjustments, increased water consumption, lozenges or sugar-free gum to alleviate dry mouth symptoms. Tooth decay tends to become more prevalent among older adults due to factors like dry mouth, emphasizing the importance of a diligent home hygiene routine and regular dental checkups.

As you age, you may require more dental work to address damaged teeth. Fortunately, we offer a range of restorative options to repair, replace and safeguard your teeth. Missing teeth can also become a concern, whether due to gum disease, injury or other factors. Our practice provides solutions such as bridges, dentures and implants to restore your ability to chew and smile confidently.

Moreover, age-related illnesses like diabetes can impact your oral health, and dental conditions like periodontal disease have been linked to systemic health issues such as heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and osteoporosis. This underscores the critical role of maintaining excellent oral health in safeguarding your overall well-being as you age.

If you have any questions about senior dentistry in Brookhaven, Georgia or wish to arrange an appointment with Dr. Shelly Mixson, please contact Gentle Smiles Dental today at 770-455-6602. Your oral health is our top priority, and we are committed to helping you enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life as a senior.

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