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Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we provide periodontal care to help fight gum disease and improve your oral health. Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, is a condition which occurs when the bacteria in dental plaque infect the gums and mouth. When plaque accumulates on the teeth, it acts as a catalyst for bacterial irritation and inflammation of the gum tissues. Should this condition remain untreated during its initial stage, known as gingivitis, it can progress into the more severe stage termed periodontitis. Gingivitis manifests through indicators such as redness, tenderness, bleeding and swelling of the gums, while periodontitis additionally leads to gum recession, potential bone loss and even tooth loss.

Managing gingivitis often involves professional cleanings and an enhanced at-home oral care routine, with the possibility of reversing the condition when diagnosed and addressed early. Periodontitis, however, typically demands more comprehensive and frequent treatment measures. Our dentist and team are proud to offer top-tier treatment for gum disease, with the aim of restoring your smile to optimal health. These treatments include:

We will check for signs of gum disease at each of your regular dental exams, and if you are diagnosed, we will work with you to create a treatment plan to improve your oral health and help you regain a healthy mouth and smile.

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